What is Block and Beam Flooring and its Advantages?

There are two main methods of constructing ground floors. The first is to lay a solid force of reinforced wet concrete directly onto the ground (known as solid floors). The second is a much more sustainable method as it uses blocks with recycled materials; with a lot of site advantages it has better thermal values. This second method is known as block and beam (suspended floors).

The block and beam system is a reinforced beam laid across or between walls. The beams are infilled with aircrete blocks and have the advantage of being a completely dry construction system. Once laid, the floor is strong and safe and can be used as a platform to continue your building project.

Suspended concrete flooring systems were originally developed as a means of overcoming ground problems such as unstable, sloping sites. Today, nearly all-new houses demonstrate the use of block and beam construction for their ground floors. Although the cost of materials is relatively high, ground preparation is minimal and block and beam floors are quick to install, with significant savings in labour.

Block and Beam Flooring

So what are the advantages?

  1. Sound

Many of us will always say that noise is a cause for concern as homeowners. Block and beam floors have been being used for many years within the construction of flats, and are now widely used in housing to produce quieter homes.

  1. Rigid Construction

Block and beam flooring eliminates the bounce associated with timber floors, along with minimal shrinkage, it provides an advantage in the fact that it does not make the annoying creaking noise when walking around the house.

  1. Rapid Installation

As we have already touched on above, block and beam flooring is very quick to install and therefore brings a significant saving in labour costs. Only simple installation techniques are required.

  1. Safe Working Platforms

As soon as the flooring has been installed, it provides a safe working platform for other construction work to commence.

If you have any questions on where to start with block and beam flooring or would like us to install it for you, please do not hesitate to call us on 07887 774405, or alternatively email us on sales@dpllandscapes.com, we will be happy to help!

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