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Find the best patio ideas for your garden. We look at styles, designs and suitability for every garden and homeowner.

Adding Decking to a Landscape

There’s something about a deck that sets it apart from a regular patio. Maybe it’s because wooden boards feel a bit homelier than stone slabs, maybe because decks remind us of holidays or restaurants with stunning views. Maybe it’s because decks are often raised, so our gardens look bigger with them! We tend to consider decks as being a domestic garden feature, but there’s a place for them in commercial settings too. A lovely outside space for staff to sit and relax in will definitely improve both staff satisfaction and morale. What better way is there to close a business deal than sitting in the sun watching local wildlife?

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Decorating Your Garden for Parties

As the weather improves and we start to venture outside for parties, we can be stuck for ideas in regards to decorating the garden as we would the house. Balloons are less practical outside, candles might not be the safest option when a breeze is involved and a lot of streamers just don’t quite work when hanging from trees! For a modern and fun garden-based party, try some of our ideas for decoration.

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Best Garden Centres in Essex

With spring in full, well, spring, most of us are starting to venture out into our gardens – whether they’re domestic or commercial – for a cup of tea here and a stroll there. We’re even considering getting on with that bit of maintenance we didn’t get around to last year. But, where to go for supplies and advice? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best garden centres in Essex.

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Choosing a Chiminea or Fire Pit

Spring and Summer mean one thing: sitting outside during the evening with family and friends, enjoying good weather while it lasts and just generally spending time in our gardens. As the sun goes down the temperature usually drops enough that we reach for a jacket or consider going indoors – but why should we head back inside when the evening’s not over yet? If you’ve ever wanted to drag your electric heater onto the patio for another half an hour outside, think about buying a chiminea or fire pit. They’re warm, bright and an excellent deterrent for insects, but choosing one from the crowded market can be overwhelming. Read our guide for an idea on what to consider before buying.

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