Cleaning, Painting and Caring for your Decking

We all know that decking areas within out gardens are great places to relax and entertain. However, we also know how our British weather can take its toll, and decking often needs a bit of looking after. Luckily there are a lot of things you can do to take care of it.

Assess the state of your decking.

 Before beginning, you must assess the condition of your decking as this helps you to determine the best products that need to be used.

If you have recently had your decking laid, it is best to let the weather do it job naturally for around 6 months before staining or oiling it. By doing this you are ensuring that any existing treatment has eroded, allowing new paints and stains to properly adhere to the decking.

For untreated decking, there are a number of options available. For removing existing finishes, the wood should be stripped back to bare wood. This again helps any staining or oiling to set.

Choose what paint, stain or oil you are going to use.

 Deciding which finish you want for your decking can be just as important as protecting the timber.

  1. Paint

 Paint offers you a wide variety of colours, from natural looking, to bright bold colours. There are also specialist decking paints which fill in small cracks and lock down splinters as well as colour and protecting weathered wood, it helps to give your decking a dramatic makeover.


  1. Decking Stains

 Decking stains are available in a variety of rich colours and deliver a semi opaque finish, whilst also protecting and weatherproofing your decking.


  1. Decking Oils

 Decking oils help to leave a subtle colour that enhances the beauty of wood, they also don’t crack as the decking expands and contracts.

Decking Stains

If you’re happy with the appearance of your decking and just want to protect it from getting grey and weathered, the a decking protector could be best. This will protect your decking from sunlight and rain, as well resisting the damage of everyday life.

When to care for your decking

 To get the best out of your decking you should put some time into taking care of it twice a year. Once in the spring so that it’s ready for the summer months, and in the autumn to prepare for winter.

Before deciding to your work on the decking, wait for the best time by checking the weather forecast. It’s best not to apply products in damp or rainy conditions as it will not set. It’s also best to void hot weather as intense sunshine can cause the product to dry too quickly and not fully absorb into the wood.

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