Driveway Patterns to Help You

pattern for a patio

Many of you know what kind of material you want for your driveway. But, when it comes to trying to figure the actual pattern you want for your driveway, it can be quite the headache. There are many driveway and pattern designs to choose from.

Here we will discuss a few popular designs you could use for your driveway and try to help you identify which driveway best suits you; instead of you going through the stress.

4 Attractive Driveway Patterns

Herringbone Pattern

A Herringbone pattern can either be of 45-degree design or a 90-degree design. Although, these patterns have similar names they differ a lot in terms of design. This pattern is most suited for driveways with high traffic, as its interlocking layers make it harder for the paving blocks to move about.

The 45-degree paving slabs are designed in a ‘V’-shape with each layer moving on top of the other. With the waste cut filling some of the gaps. The 90-degree Herringbone pattern is a far more simplified design to achieve.

Both designs have a strong visual effect on visitors so can be great to show your character and would have a better effect if you have a lot of space at the front.

diagram of a patio design

Running Bond Pattern

This is perhaps the most popular of the designs that I will be showing you today.

Its simplicity in design makes it an easy, do-it yourself pattern with the least amount of cost involved as well because of the very little wastage of bricks compared to the other patterns.

The pattern of the running bond creates the impression of it being bigger than it actually is (depending upon direction); which makes it ideal for small areas.

Basket Weave Pattern

This is a traditional yet popular choice for many people, as it too has a well known, easy to do pattern.

The pavers in this pattern alternate in horizontal and vertical pairs to create columns giving the impression of a vintage look to the front of your home. Unlike some patterns this basket weave pattern allows you to use more than one colour, so you can be creative and use colours that suit you.

The basket weave pattern can be used for any space and still have that eye-catching effect on visitors that pass by.

Circular Pattern

This paver pattern is a slightly more complex, as it requires you to install pavers in a circular formation to attain this pattern. As result of its formation you are likely to face spaces in your pattern, which lead to it not being as secure as the other patterns and more viable to it being moved as opposed to the other patterns.

However, the spaces can be filled with mortar and sand to stabilise it further. This pattern works best with the other patterns such as the Herringbone or the Running Bond patterns so ideally would suit a larger spaced outdoor area.

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