The patio gives small homeowners an opportunity to extend their living room, social homeowners to accommodate their friends & family and homeowners who desireĀ a private space to relax and unwind.


Leigh Patios

More and more homeowners are installing patios for a variety of different reasons. Some to wine, some to unwind and others to BBQ and socialise. One of the best benefits is that it increases the value of your property.

Basildon Patios

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next patio, then look no further. Here we talk about the different types of patio materials and their advantages and disadvantages.

Billericay Patios

Many gardeners go for the traditional paving look when they decide on what type of path they want to install to compliment their patio. We want to show off the numerous options we have for your ideal pathway.

Thorpe Bay Patios

We provide high quality patio services to customers across Essex including Basildon, Chelmsford, Southend, Leigh and Thorpe Bay. From stone paving to granite slabs, our team are very experienced in installing patios and overcoming the challenges that some garden landscapes have.

Southend Patios

Which is better for your garden, a patio or a deck? This is the big question when you’re deciding on your next garden project and the answer depends on your location, your tastes and lifestyle needs.

The main things to consider are the benefits and the downsides to installing either.